INSP5: Testing Woes; Feedback Slows as Complexity Grows

September 28, 2022 from 14:15 to 14:55

Speaker: Robert Meaney, Glofox (IE)

Robert worked in diverse areas from highly regulated industries like safety automation and fraud detection to dynamic, exciting industries like gaming. He tried a variety of methodologies from Waterfall to Scrum, Kanban, and Lean but he is most comfortable in an Agile environment. Currently, he is the Director of Engineering for Glofox in Ireland, an active member of the online testing community, co-author of “A team guide to testability” with Ash Winter, and co-founder of the Ministry of Test Cork. He enjoys learning about and experimenting with new approaches to software delivery and sharing his findings with the community via local tech talks, speaking at conferences, and running workshops. When it comes to testing Rob has a deep and passionate interest in Quality Engineering Test Coaching, Testability, and Testing in Production.

Reflecting on 20 years in the software industry, the only constant has been the expectation that teams deliver high-quality software systems at ever-increasing speed and scale. This expectation combined with the growing complexity of the problems teams are solving for customers, the solutions they are building and the tooling they are using has left many teams at a breaking point. Teams often find themselves trapped in a hopeless death spiral. They are forced to cut corners to deliver quickly which inevitably results in poor quality, angry customers and a stressed-out overworked team. In this talk, Rob will explore the sources of this complexity and their effects on the team. He will describe the approach teams can adopt to avoid this death spiral of complexity through a continuous focus on evolving their design and cultivating high-quality feedback loops. Rob will explain the symbiotic relationship that exists between good architectural design and testability. Teams that understand and leverage this relationship utilise automation in a more targeted manner, creating those all-important rapid feedback loops.