MGMT 1: From Zero to Hero (and Beyond): Evolution of a Tester

Full time teacher and an occasional translator, Peter, discovered the world of software testing 14 years ago and kept buckled in ever since. He went throughout many projects in banking sector as a tester and later as a test manager. His current assignment lies in Tatrabanka. In personal life, Peter is loving husband, father of two sons and huge fan of american hard-boiled fiction and film noir.

World around undergoes constant changes and this doubly true about the IT and software testing. On the outside, testing may seem to be endlessly revolving around buzz words as automation and agile, but the challenges it faces today are vastly different from two decades ago. As we witness the advent of machine learning, big data, Internet of things, DevOps and (never-ending) digital transformation, we struggle to re-define the testing skills required to be innovative and up to date with trends. Together, let us follow the journey of testing in these last two decades, with the case studies from banking industry, and see what one must do to become „The Testing Hero“ of the future.