TECH 1: Progressing beyond Continuous Delivery

Throughout his career, Erik has helped companies to deliver software faster and at higher quality. Be it through applying practices like Behaviour Driven Development or Continuous Delivery, by architecting and implementing automated testing solutions or by building deployment automation solutions. With a background in economics, he is able to strike a good balance between business and IT.

Joost started his career at, which gave him the opportunity to learn and grow at one of the leading companies in Agile and DevOps in the Netherlands. Coming up through the ranks he has been a test engineer, multidisciplinary team member, scrum master, team lead & test architect. As a consultant with Xebia, he has helped clients with all sorts of testing and quality challenges. Currently, Joost is leading a team of software engineers in test at iptiQ, an insurtech startup.

Continuous delivery fixed the technical hurdles to ship your artifacts more quickly to production. So, where can we find further gains? When having the ability to ship very very fast, how do we avoid low-quality software for our users? In order to answer those questions, we have to look at a couple of aspects: how and when do we test our software, how do we roll this software out to our customers and how quickly can we identify potential issues once our customers use it.

In Progressing beyond Continuous Delivery talk we will explore the four pillars of progressive delivery: automation, observability, traffic management, and user segmentation.