Call for papers

It has been more than twenty years since the Agile Manifesto saw the light of day formulating the notoriously known four statements about the value. The authors expressed that there is something more valuable than processes, documentation, contracts, and plans. During SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX 2023 we would like to discover what are those valuable assets and how can we measure their value (if it is even possible).

In the Inspiration track, we would like to hear about the understanding of what is valuable for our customers, what value a tester has in a particular project, and how to increase the value of testers or even entire teams within the company.

The Technical track should cover code quality measuring tools – linters, code coverage, code quality reviewers, monitoring, and observability tools. And help us to see not just the results, but also the stories behind them and their value from a broader perspective.

  • Do you have something to share on these topics? Do not hesitate and help us (Re)discover the value in testing. We are looking for the following:
    • New and exciting industry-led content and research
    • Expertise and knowledge
    • Innovative and immersive presentation ideas and concepts
    • Presence and passion
    • The length of speech:
      • Track talk – around 40 minutes including questions
      • „Lightning talk“ – inspiring, strong paced talk no longer than 15 minutes
  • Call for papers deadline is 30th of April
  • Please also be aware that we do not accept any sessions that are product demonstrations or sales pitches.

  • Submission paper should contain:
    • Track talk title
    • Abstract (short summary of talk min. 250 words)
    • Keywords
    • Takeaways
    • Target audience (if applicable)

  • Speakers‘ Package Includes:
    • Invitation to Speakers’ dinner (the evening before the conference)
    • Free full-day ticket to conference and workshops (incl. Lunch and refreshments)
    • Social Event opportunity to communicate and connect with other speakers and testers informally (Including late snacks and beers)
    • Speakers’ employer logo and link to your company profile on our conference web (if delegated by the company)
    • Chance to win the best presentation award
    • Auditorium ‘Thank You’ for supporting SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX (by the SANAE host representative)
    • Speaker Support (Do you have a great idea or story but are not too confident with your presenting skills? SANAE team is here to help you)
    • Speaker Help (by the SANAE host representative to assist you during your presentation including questions and answers)
    • Accommodation (directly at the conference premises – Hotel Saffron)
    • Travel costs coverage

  • Pricing and applications
    • Free Speaker Package and no additional honorarium
    • To apply as a conference speaker or any additional info, please, contact our event manager Matej Kukučka