SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX 2023

It has been more than twenty years since the Agile Manifesto saw the light of day formulating the notoriously known four statements about the value. The authors expressed that there is something more valuable than processes, documentation, contracts, and plans. The mission of SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX 2023 was to (Re)discover the value in testing.

The conference took place on the 8th and 9th of November in Bratislava, Slovakia as part of the ISTQB® Conference Network. The first day offered keynotes by Corina Pip and Kari Kakkonen, and two tracks of talks focused on finding and increasing the value of the tester within the team, project, or company as a whole.

The Technical track offered insights into the latest technological trends and tools in software testing. In the Inspiration track, attendees got a lot of ideas about the personal development possibilities for testers and test teams to not miss a technology train. The second conference day was dedicated to three tracks of workshops covering both technical and managerial topics. Notable examples are the test analysis workshop with Ard Kramer, Robot Framework with David Fogl, and Geospatial Data testing with Mateusz Adamczak and Michal Pilarski.

We would like to thank all the speakers, partners, and attendees for their contribution and enthusiasm that helped make the SANAE Software testing BEER.EX such an extraordinary event. Those who missed it (and not only those) can enjoy a little bit of it in the video below.

List of presentations


How Testers Add Value to the Organization. But also, to ourselves by Corina Pip, Deloitte Digital (RO)

ISTQB® presentation

Everything you always wanted to know about the ISTQB® but never dared to ask



Climate impact of software testing by Kari Kakkonen, Knowit (FI)


Your new hire turned to be a hacker by Tomáš Zaťko, Citadelo (SK)



Breaking the Illusion: How we replaced 😳 testers with Autonomous Testing by Marcel Veselka, (CZ) and Radoslav Sucháň, Multitude IT Labs (SK)



Vaccinate your Software, Build its Immunity by Vipin Jain, Metacube Software (IN)


Mission Impossible: Automatic Usability Testing by Kimberly Snoyl, Capgemini (NL)


Kill regression! by Valentin Ranshakov, SAP Signavio (DE)


How to Test Digital Twins by Maroš Kutschy, Ness Košice (SK)


Visualize your test effort by Daniel Nilsson, QualityMinds (SE)


The right person in the right place – myth or achievable reality? by Zuzana Jojičová, ASCEND Consulting and Erika Koklesová, The intuition (SK)


From kitchen to code: What software testers can learn from a Michelin-star chef about quality and excellence by Branislav Kužela, Capco (SK)


Learning Culture: Adapt or Die by Phil Royston, Tesena (CZ)



Games around us by Ivan Kováč, ARTIN Solutions (SK)


Testing Autonomous Beasts: With Great Value Comes Great Responsibility by Irja Straus, Gideon (HR)

Tutorial 1A

Look beyond your user story by Ard Kramer, Orangecrest (NL)

Tutorial 1B

The waiting game – how to design reliable Selenium tests by Corina Pip, Deloitte Digital (RO)

Tutorial 1C

Accessibility testing is a must by Laveena Ramchandani, EasyJet (UK)


Tutorial 2A

Insights from children and exploratory testing exercise; how children who’ve read the Dragons Out book about software testing learn by Kari Kakkonen, Knowit (FI)

Tutorial 2B

Robot Framework integration with Listeners by David Fogl, Continero (CZ)

Tutorial 2C

Testing geospatial data in Python by Michal Pilarski and Mateusz Adamczak, Jeppesen (PL)

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