TECH3 – Vaccinate your Software, Build its Immunity

November 8, 2023 from 12:10 to 12:50

Speaker: Vipin Jain, Metacube Software (IN)

Vipin has 23 years of experience in the IT industry, during which he has acquired great knowledge in software projects, methodologies and quality. He has dedicated the last 18 years of his career to Software Quality. Currently, he works for Metacube Software as Head QA and Deliveries, and is involved in establishing QCE in his company, directing delivery operations. He is an avid speaker and writer, loves to participate in conferences and has given talks nationally and internationally. He is a member of several technical committees of various international organizations like HUSTEF and QA&Test, and has participated in Testcon, SQA Days, ATD, HUSTEF, TestingUY Uruguay, TestingUnited Prague and Vienna, TestingCup Poland, WrotQA, Poland, QA & Test, (Bilbao, Spain), ExpoQA madrid, Belgrade Testing Conference, World Testing Conference in Bangalore and other national conferences. He has published over 30 blogs on various platforms. Some of his articles have been published in Testing Planet and Testing Planet magazine, and he has also been involved in the writing of several books on software engineering and web technologies.

Year 1955. The first human was about to get the newly invented polio vaccine by Dr. Jonas Salk of the US. No one knew how the human body would behave. Will it develop complications, or will it survive the challenge? The patient was convinced numerous times that she would have a small sample of the polio virus injected directly into her bloodstream. She would not get sick. Instead, immunity would develop in her body against this virus and hence she will not get polio now or in the future.

How it relates to the IT industry? This became a perfect metaphor for a technique that we commonly know today as Chaos Testing. Every software has limits and multiple points of possible failure. By injecting a system with variables that have a likelihood of causing disruption, the vulnerable and weak areas of the system can be exposed by the disaster recovery teams. Necessary step-by-step solutions and protocols can be implemented which will eventually allow the software to become even more resilient and fault tolerant. In his talk “Vaccinate your Software, Build its Immunity”, Vipin will explain how chaos testing is different from regular testing, then he will take us through a well-defined Chaos testing strategy that caters to small in-house systems to large distributed systems. He will explain how to do the Chaos test at Unit levels, Integration levels, and system levels. This will also help teams to convince upper management about „inserting“ chaos in the system and then see „what happens“. The talk will end with a real-life use case so the audience can see „Chaos testing“ in practicality.