TECH6 – How to Test Digital Twins

November 8, 2023 from 15:10 to 15:50

Speaker: Maroš Kutschy, Ness Košice (SK)

Maroš is QA Technical Lead at Ness Košice, Slovakia. His hobby is automation testing, he is specialized in Java Selenium Cucumber framework. He likes leading colleagues and helping people to enter the world of testing. In 2022 he was speaking at ‚Testing United‘ in Prague, ‚Nordic Testing Days‘ in Tallinn, ‚Tacon‘ in Leipzig, ‚HUSTEF‘ in Budapest, and ‚Test Dive‘ in Cracow, In 2023 he was speaking at ‚Software Quality Days‘ in Munich. He likes self-improvement books, stoic philosophy, and exercising in the gym. You can find out more on his LinkedIn profile.

The topic related to digital twins is very interesting but not very known in the testing industry. In his talk „How to Test Digital Twins“, Maroš would like to start a discussion about digital twins among testers in the world, as this could be the topic of the future and there are still many open questions. The concept of digital twins is here for a while, it is a virtual representation of a physical asset (object, process, or system). The digital twin is like a virtual copy of a real-world asset that can be used for testing, monitoring, and analyzing its performance in a safe and controlled environment. Now with the growing popularity of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the topic of digital twins is getting importance. On the stage, Maroš will share his insights and experience, especially – the concept of digital twins, the industries where it can be used, examples of the usage in these industries, and the tools which can be used for designing digital twins. He will also present the testing approaches and techniques for testing digital twins for both manual and automation approaches as well as the challenges in testing digital twins (data, scalability, regulations, results interpretation, complexity).