INSP1 – Visualize your test effort

November 8, 2023 from 10:50 to 11:30

Speaker: Daniel Nilsson, QualityMinds (SE)

Daniel is a dedicated Test Engineer, based in Göteborg, Sweden who is just about to celebrate his 20 years anniversary within the software testing field. He is an appreciated conference speaker on the local, national as well as the international scene. Daniel has worked on several large projects on complex embedded systems mainly within the Automotive Domain but lately also within other safety critical areas such as Airport Surveillance. He has worked as part of as well as leading both co-located and distributed test teams. Daniel is also the co-founder of two local niched test consultant companies, Test Scouts and QualityMinds, has educated global companies within Agile testing methodologies, run workshops, coached global teams and organizations, and mentored multiple testers. Other passions on the side of software testing includes spending time with his family, sports, and travel, ideally combining all three.

In his talk „Visualize your test effort“ Daniel would like to present a story from a project where they were able to use the agile principles as foundation in creating agile mindset test teams that became the enablers for turning a catastrophic project into success. The success factor was an Agile Testing Heatmap that visualized to all stakeholders as well as team members what the status of the testing activities were in the same view as it showed the status of the software. By this they were not only able to increase the value of the testing and the testers but also visualizing it for all the stakeholder in the project. The testing effort finally got into the centre of attention!