INSP2 – The right person in the right place – myth or achievable reality?

November 8, 2023 from 11:30 to 12:10

Speaker: Zuzana Jojičová, Erika Koklesová (SK)

Are you familiar with these situations?

    • I have the feeling that everything is easier for my colleagues and sometimes I have doubts about whether there is a fault in me,
    • I am annoyed by the reactions of my colleagues from another team,
    • Teams having internal and external fights,
    • positions where whoever you take on, it still somehow doesn’t work out,
    • You’ve hired a highly motivated candidate only to find out that they don’t do well in that position

Sometimes the solution is easier than we would think. Did you know that there’s a suitable position in IT for every person? What indicates to me that I’m in the right position as a tester? Do you know how to find it out? Zuzana and Erika in their talk „The right person in the right place – myth or achievable reality?“ will talk and show you simple principles that will help you improve collaboration in teams. They will explain how to design positions to make it easier for you to select the people who are right for a specific position. You will learn by what criteria you can recognize that the tester position is the right one for you.