SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX 2021

Following the success of community building event – SANAE Software Testing BEER and subsequent first installment of the miniconference, we would like to invite you to SANAE Software Testing BEER.EX 2021.

The world of software testing is full of new technologies and approaches. The agile methodology seems to be ancient, even DevOps is not the “hot new” thing anymore. Automation spreads across the IT sector like fire and artificial intelligence is no more a sci-fi phenomenon. It becomes more and more obvious that in pursue of newer and newer technologies, we tend to forget what our ultimate goal is – a satisfied customer.  This year’s conference motto is therefore “Back to the roots”.  We would like to emphasize the fact that within the IT we are not enemies (not even with project managers) but allies that contribute to the common goal. Presentations concerning cross-functional communication, networking, delivery and testers’ involvement in customer satisfaction will compliment the technological speeches.

What’s new about BEER.EX? First of all, we decided to change the venue to be able to accommodate more delegates. Vodárenské múzeum is a magnificent place that offers more than just conference facilities. Second, the conference comprises of two days – the conference day and the tutorial day. Some things stay the same, though. Community building networking event will be held on conference day with more activities and our signature beer.

Reserve the date in your calendar and check our web and Facebook page. More info will come.

Check out the video from last year to soak the ambience