For more than 21 years ARTIN offers services in the area of software development and integration, application support, and IT consulting.
Thanks to years of experience, we succeed in operating in several market segments such as telecommunications, insurance and finance, industry, services, waste processing, logistics, the non-profit sector, and at latest in automotive. We also support projects in the area of research and development, the main project represents Roboauto.

Qentinel is robotic software testing company and Qentinel Pace is our cloud-based, AI-driven, low-code, test automation platform. We’re here to accelerate your software development and remove boring manual tests from your daily schedule. We aim to improve the quality of life by improving the quality of software. Are you ready to add superpowers to your software testing? Visit us during the conference in our booth located in sector A1.

Itera is a Norwegian IT company with a branch in Slovakia. Company works on projects for clients in Scandinavia, especially for Norway. This is what most significantly affects the atmosphere and culture in the three areas. Equal access and communication, Work-life balance without overtime and pressure, teams composed of technically and communicatively high-quality people. Experience Norway in Slovakia. Visit us during the conference in our booth located in sector A2 .

Our product, PM1 is the award-winning intelligent wealth management software platform. We serve global markets with clients in Switzerland, UK, Germany, Monaco, Luxembourg, USA, Turkey, Bahrain, Singapore and Mexico, just to name a few. Our team keeps growing thanks to 650+ financial service providers in 32 coutries, including 4 of the largest european banks. The partner companies include Oracle, London Stock-Exchange or PWC and many medium to small asset management offices. If you are familiar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant (ranking of global software solutions) – one of our products, the process engine LSPS, was 5 times amongst the best products on the planet. In 2019, we received IT Gala Award for Top Product in our homeland, Slovakia.

TITANS freelancers is a Slovak leader for IT freelancers outsourcing. We are innovative, independent, fair, and straightforward. We provide extra muscle to IT projects that lack the right people. We offer freelancers projects they can be proud of. Our clients include more than 300 renowned domestic and foreign companies. These numbers speak for us:

    • More than 10 900 available IT specialists
    • More than 1150 allocated TITANs
    • 158 210 man-days supplied
    • Extra muscle for 918 IT projects
Check-out more in our booth located in sector A3.

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