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ARTIN Solutions is a company providing professional IT services for more than 9 years. We are a global company with customers in more than 17 countries around the world. We focus on custom OSS/ BSS solutions for telecommunications and custom software development. We successfully apply our many years of experience in following market segments: telecommunications, insurance, banking and the non-profit sector. With more than 100 IT specialists we are ready to create the right solution for you.

Multitude IT Labs was established in 2007 and is the subsidiary of Multitude SE, a Frankfurt Stock Exchange-listed fintech company with 17 years of experience. It is a centralized development hub for Multitude’s 19 countries situated under the roofs of the historical building Pradiareň 1900 in the heart of Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia. Multitude IT Labs is proud to work with around 200 IT professionals to revolutionize banking and its mission to provide the best, fastest, and most user-friendly lending and banking services available with personalized customer service 24/7. We strive the implement the latest trends in testing and development. Working with testing frameworks for back-end and front-end automation, chaos, performance, and autonomous testing.

Kistler is a globally recognized leader in measurement and testing technology, renowned for its groundbreaking innovations in force, pressure, and acceleration measurement solutions. These exceptional products have far-reaching applications spanning multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and research. Diverging from the traditional landscape in the Kistler Group dominated by hardware and sensor production, Slovakia stands as a remarkable exception with its distinctive role as a software house with a fusion of hardware components governed by other locations. While other locations might focus on the tangible components of technology, we have carved out a niche that centers around the powerful world of software mixed with real-world applications. As a software house in Slovakia, we embody a forward-looking spirit that aligns seamlessly with the modern era’s demands. Our focus on software echoes the rapid evolution of technology and ensures that our location remains at the forefront of innovation.

BRONZE Partners

In Tesena testing is not just something we do. It is everything we do. Thanks to our sole focus on testing we offer solutions recommended by the most experienced individuals in the field. We remain independent of software development and of specific tools. We understand testing from A to Z, strive for quality and don’t have a reason to overlook bugs. Partnerships fulfilled by long-term project success mean more to us than quick wins. We also offer a wide assortment of courses designed to effectively deepen testing knowledge and ease professional growth. We’re the only company in the region that provides accredited ISTQB training for all of its most popular qualifications, as well as tailored training.

Our product, PM1 is the award-winning intelligent wealth management software platform. We serve global markets with clients in Switzerland, UK, Germany, Monaco, Luxembourg, USA, Turkey, Bahrain, Singapore, and Mexico, just to name a few. Our team keeps growing thanks to 650+ financial service providers in 32 countries, including 4 of the largest European banks. The partner companies include Oracle, London Stock-Exchange or PWC, and many medium to small asset management offices. If you are familiar with the Gartner Magic Quadrant (ranking of global software solutions) – one of our products, the process engine LSPS, was 5 times amongst the best products on the planet. In 2019, we received IT Gala Award for Top Product in our homeland, Slovakia.

Since 2010, Hotovo has been crafting software development into an art. Our team of experienced specialists is based in Košice, Slovakia (HQ) with offices around the globe. Reliability, high-quality delivery and a proactive common-sense approach are the key reasons that have allowed us to grow organically from zero to 160 people without any foreign capital. We offer specialized software teams, custom web and mobile app development, system integration services and more. Our clients span the US, UK, Australia, and beyond, and our offices in London, Southampton, Buenos Aires, Novi Sad and Tunis keep us close to them. At Hotovo, not only do we provide agile solutions with complete transparency, we also strive to give back to society. Through technology meetings, mentoring and more, we are committed to creating a community that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Capco, a Wipro company, is a global technology and management consultancy specializing in driving digital transformation in the financial services industry. With a growing client portfolio comprising over 100 global organizations, Capco operates at the intersection of business and technology by combining innovative thinking with unrivaled industry knowledge to deliver end-to-end data-driven solutions and fast-track digital initiatives for banking and payments, capital markets, wealth and asset management, insurance, and the energy sector. Capco’s cutting-edge ingenuity is brought to life through its Innovation Labs and award-winning Be Yourself At Work culture and diverse talent. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Do you know how to think like a hacker? In Citadelo, we do. We think like hackers, but we don’t abuse it. On the contrary, our main goal is to reveal vulnerabilities without causing damage. Being a leader is a matter of course for us, an ethical approach an essential requirement, and a safer IT world our mission. Citadelo, was founded in 2006 by ethical hackers to help Fortune 500 companies identify vulnerabilities through simulated attacks. By engaging in cloud security testing, application testing, and more, the cybersecurity firm helps businesses achieve a higher level of security. Backed by a team of 30 professionals, the company is a market leader in Slovakia and the Czech Republic and has offices in Zug (Switzerland), Prague and Bratislava.

TITANS freelancers are the Slovak leader in outsourcing IT freelancers. We are innovative, independent, fair, and straightforward. We provide extra muscle to IT projects that lack the right people. We offer freelancers projects they can be proud of. In 2021, we expanded to the Czech Republic to make TITANS a strong multinational player in Central Europe. These numbers speak for us:

    • More than 25 000 available IT specialists
    • More than 480 clients (renowned domestic and foreign companies)
    • More than 340 000 man-days supplied

ERNI believes in the impact of Swiss Software Engineering to create customer value. Our mission is to boost people and businesses in the innovation of software-based products and services. The global platform for Swiss Software Engineering combined with a deep market understanding provides the framework for customer success. Our crew manages the complexity of projects, enables people and delivers customer solutions fast. A Swiss mindset with behaviours like consensus-building, pragmatism, integration, reliability and transparency have been deeply rooted in the ERNI culture since 1994. Together with our great crew, they are the basis for successful software projects. Our 120 colleagues in Slovakia enjoy the flexibility to the fullest. We work in small teams on Swiss and German projects, in domains like med-tech, telco, public administration, and many other interesting industries.

We are The #1 software development tool used by agile teams with detailed test case management, time planning, issue tracking and documentation. All in one place. is a unique enterprise-level solution suitable for start-ups as well as corporates, connecting test case, release and time management and issue tracking on a collaborative basis. It’s an all-round software with a list of useful integrations and data migrations (MultiJira, Microsoft, Zephyr, XRay, etc.), highly secure and customizable, making everyday working activities easier. Managing a project has never been easier. From planning a roadmap and scheduling activities, over to project design through Epics and related Stories, over to Tasks, Bugs, Test cases and Documentation – all connected, creating a thorough documentation. Easy reporting, time management and audit log are also all a part of the tool’s integrated equipment. Offering a 15-day-trial, you can try it all out for yourself!

MEDIA Partners (in eng. We do IT) is the portal for IT people with the vision to help IT professionals in their careers and support the IT communities in Slovakia . Provides consultancy and career coaching to those, who seek new challenges. Helps to find meaningful work in good teams with pre-selected companies at home and abroad.

  • Organizes:
    • the only mentoring program for IT professionals in Slovakia,
    • the regular survey „What do IT people want?“ with 600+ participants every year,
    • workshops for 400+ participants yearly.

TOUCHIT is a magazine about latest technology, computers, smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics as well as in car technology. Strong team of journalists are led by professional and well known editor in chief Ondrej Macko. We deliver high quality articles on our webpage as well as modern type printed magazine. TOUCHIT is the only member in EISA – Expert Imaging and Sound Association, which once per year on IFA exhibition awards the prestigious products in six expert groups – Hi-Fi, Home Theatre Audio, Home theatre display and video, In Car electronics, Mobile devices and Photography.

Vihat Technologies, based in Ahmedabad, is India’s leading software testing company. It’s a rapidly growing pure-play offshore software testing services company in India aiming to help its clients get their software applications validated efficiently and effectively through its full range of services for software testing.


The ISTQB® Conference Network brings together conference organizers and testing communities, both local and global. Conference Network organizers are able to publish details of their events and have the additional benefits of ISTQB® promotion in social media and authorization to use the official ISTQB® Conference Network logo. For anyone considering attending a conference, there are some special benefits from events in the ISTQB® Conference Network! Not only have the events met the ISTQB® Conference Network criteria but they typically offer discounts to ISTQB® certificate holders and ISTQB® Partner Program members.

Testing United is a conference focused on software testing and quality assurance. It’s taking place in Bratislava & VR on September 4-5 and features an exciting lineup of speakers (Erika Chestnut, Rik Marselis, Vernon Richards, Kinga Witko, Jenny Bramble, Barış Sarıalioğlu & many more) and topics. It’s a great opportunity to learn, network, stay up-to-date on industry trends & take your career to the next level. You can find more info about the conference on our website:

BEER Partner

Shenk is a family-run craft brewery that believes in beer in its proper form – fresh, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. For them, the brewing process is an adventure journey to discover new tastes, scents, and colors with fun as the essential ingredient. Their beers are usually from water, barley malt, and hops. They like to experiment and often use wheat, rice, corn, or rye. However, the final product needs to meet high expectations before being distributed publicly. During the process, the use of top-grade ingredients and recipes is a must. Each of their beers comes with a story and a journey – sometimes straightforward, sometimes wild, but you should be too serious about that as „It is only a beer!“


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