Automation1 – Integrate the Self-healing feature into your automation scripts

September 19, 2024 from 9:00 to 12:00

Speaker: Jigesh Shah (IN)

Jigesh is an Engineering Manager specializing in Quality Assurance, with extensive experience in the eLearning and Healthcare industries. He has developed numerous reusable testing tools, frameworks, and templates, significantly enhancing testing efficiency. Currently, he provides innovative testing solutions that improve quality for both US and global clients. Jigesh has played a pivotal role in test advisory, management, planning, and execution, and has led offshore testing efforts. His expertise also extends to Performance Engineering, SQL optimization, system resource monitoring, and the implementation of Generative AI technologies in testing processes, achieving a 20% increase in overall efficiency.

Are you grappling with flaky tests or struggling to align automation scripts with the latest application changes? Do you find yourself spending more time on execution and analysis than actual scripting? Fear not, as self-healing and auto-result analysis are here to save the day. However, implementing self-healing traditionally requires costly commercial tools, leading to increased overall expenses. But what if you could achieve self-healing using open-source tools like Selenium or WebdriverIO? Generative AI APIs, offer a solution to seamlessly integrate self-healing and auto failure analysis into your automation framework without spending a single penny. This workshop will dive into the practical implementation of self-healing in your automation scripts to adapt to the latest application changes effortlessly. In the event of a failure, the system will conduct a root cause analysis to determine whether it’s an application issue, an infrastructure issue, or a script issue caused by locator changes. If the failure is due to locator changes, the system will automatically update the locator values and continue execution. So, join us to understand how you improve the overall script health using the self-healing feature.

  • Takeaways:
    • The participants will learn about the issues with flaky tests and how they can be handled using GenAI
    • How to use a cost-effective solution to implement Self-Healing with an Open Source Tool
    • How to Integrate and analyze failures using GenAI
    • Integrate auto heal capability into the automation framework with minimal effort