INSP KEYNOTE 2: Invest In Yourself

September 28, 2022 from 15:55 to 16:40

Speaker: Nicola Lindgren, ustwo (SE)

Nicola is a Senior QA Engineer/ QA Manager, based in Malmö, Sweden. She is an international conference speaker and the author of Starting Your Software Testing Career. She has worked on projects in a wide range of industries including Trade, Education, Payments, e-Commerce, Transport and Gaming. She has worked in Agile (Scrum, Kanban), Continuous Delivery and Waterfall environments, in both co-located and distributed teams. Nicola started two testing meetups (one in Auckland, New Zealand and one in Stockholm, Sweden), has taught software testing courses and run workshops, coached and mentored multiple testers and written for various testing publications. She has also been a co-instructor for the BBST Foundations course multiple times. She blogs about testing, automation, personal development and agile at

About seven years ago Nicola was working at her dream job. A year later she was made redundant, along with half of the QA team and roughly a quarter of the company. Just like many other companies, this company valued test automation skills – which she didn’t have at the time. This lack of skills is what made her (and the others) redundant. In her keynote „Invest to yourself“, Nicola would like to share how this massive wake up call led her to investing in herself and how she learned skills that would make her not only employable but relevant.