INSP1: How you will survive the Digital Learning Darwinism With Agile Workplace Learning

September 28, 2022 from 10:15 to 10:55

Speaker: Rudolf Groetz, Raiffeisen Bank International (AT)

Rudolf has been in IT for 30 years and has been a passionate software tester since 2008. He works as an agile engineering coach & agile learning guide for the topic & test automation at Raiffeisen Bank International in Vienna and lives the motto „Test automation is not an act, test automation is a habit!“. In addition to various author activities, including for IX-Magazin, he organizes the Agile (Test) Automation Meetup in Vienna with more than 1100 members and the TestBustersNight Vienna 6 times a year.

Digitization is one of, if not the defining topic of the present and will change our entire human self-image: Life is becoming „on-life.“ The digital-online world is merging with the analog-offline world.“ In connection with the digitization of corporate learning, people often talk about the „learning revolution“ which is characterized by two aspects: the „performance problem“ and new „learning formats.“ Operational learning is increasingly becoming „performance support“ and primarily serves to solve problems rather than to accumulate knowledge. We also discuss learning and applying as opposed to learning and storing. After all, the actual purpose of corporate learning is to enable employees to do their „job“ well or better and to adapt to changing conditions. Under the conditions of digital transformation, learning must increasingly follow the primacy of performance, of „applying“. Offerings that tend to follow the primacy of „memorization“ will sooner or later become obsolete. In his presentation Rudolf uses a field report to explain how Raiffeisen Bank International digitized corporate learning by creating the Test & Test Automation Academy and introducing innovative learning concepts (Agile Learning Guides, Agile Learning Journeys, …) and new learning formats (Pair Learning, Learning Nuggets, …), thus successfully establishing scaled, self-directed Agile Workplace Learning.