INSP3: Back to the Future of Testing

September 28, 2022 from 11:55 to 12:35

Speaker: Darryn Downey, Liberty IT (IE)

Darryn is a Delivery Lead with Liberty IT. He has experience moving teams from waterfall to agile, and helping them focus on releasing software frequently. He has worked as part of many agile teams, and is passionate about delivering bug free on time software using lean and agile methodologies. He has a passion for learning and enjoys sharing his findings with others. Darryn has been using lean techniques for over 6 years and believes creating good software is about communication and encouraging team collaboration and learning.

Is testing dead again…again? In this talk, Darryn will focus on his journey from testing to coaching to delivery lead. Along the way, he will talk about the future of testing. Do companies still even need testers? Are you a tester? Do you need to pick up some skills to stay valuable to your company and in the job market? If anyone of these questions hit home, then this talk is for you. You will learn some tips and tricks on keeping testers valid and what I believe is the future of testing. So join Darryn on the way back to the future of testing.