INSP4 – Engineering Joy with Darryn and Rob

September 18, 2024 from 14:10 to 14:55

Speaker: Darryn Downey, Liberty IT (IE) & Robert Meaney, Glofox (IE)

Darryn is an Engineering Manager with Liberty IT. He has experience moving teams from waterfall to agile and helping them focus on releasing software frequently. He has worked as part of many agile teams and is passionate about delivering bug-free on-time software using lean and agile methodologies. He has a passion for learning and enjoys sharing his findings with others. Darryn has been using lean techniques for over 6 years and believes creating good software is about communication and encouraging team collaboration and learning.

Robis the Director of Engineering at Glofox. For years he has been fascinated by solving problems for people with people and software. His mission is to cultivate environments where our product development teams are both happy and successful. His focus lies on enabling a generative culture in the organization by introducing practices and principles that focus on outcomes, collaboration, experimentation, and learning. He has worked in the software industry for over 20 years. I love working with startups and scaleups and have helped my last 3 organizations scale successfully to the point of acquisition and beyond. Outside of work, Rob is the co-host of the “Engineering Joy” podcast, co-founder of Ministry of Testing Cork, organizer of RebelCon tech conference, co-author of a “Team guide to Testability” book, and regular conference speaker.

Darryn and Rob have been busy trying to figure out how to create a joyful work environment. They recently started a podcast on the subject in which they interview different people with different backgrounds on what makes a workplace fun. The hosts have been asking their guests these questions. What is your worst work experience and why? What is your best work experience and why? If you were to start a team tomorrow, what tips and tricks would you use from your experiences to create a safe-to-fail joyful environment?
In their talk „Engineering Joy with Darryn and Rob„, they will discuss their discoveries. They will talk about some of the worst experiences and then some of the best. What you will take away from this, is how to create a joyful environment for your teams. They will show how empathy and collaboration are key to fun, energetic teams, where we can continue to learn and grow. In the spirit of the conference’s main topic of how to future-proof yourself, this talk will help you realize that a lot of our problems are the same and that empathy and kindness can help you create and enjoy a joyful work environment.
Following this talk in the evening, the guys will record a live podcast where they interview someone on their topic.