Lightning talk: The Power of Community in Open Source

September 18, 2024 from 16:10 to 16:25

Speaker: Miikka Solmela, Robot Framework ry (FI)

Miikka is the Executive Director at Robot Framework ry. He leads the growth and development of the association, which has evolved around the Robot Framework tool and community.

Join Miikka’s lightning talk to explore „The Power of Community“ in the open-source world. Discover how the brightest minds come together to innovate beyond the capabilities of any single company or individual. Using the Robot Framework community as an example, we’ll see how open-source collaboration bridges boundaries, drives progress, and helps us thrive amidst challenges. Learn about the role of the community in fostering continuous improvement and futureproofing our endeavors. Don’t miss this inspiring discussion on the strength and potential of open-source communities.