MGMT 4: Tents are the new towers

October 6, 2021 from 15:15 to 15:50

Speaker: Joanna JEZIORSKA, Siemens Digital Logistics (PL)

For ten years Joanna works in Quality Assurance in Software Development area. She started with airlines then finances and now logistics where she leads solution engineers team that designs and develops logistic solution using platform AX4. In her previous life (before IT) she lived 7 years in Central Asia doing charity work. Combines her work with people and the machines because she has a passion for psychology and human development. Master degree in Psychology. Loves to spend her free time close to the nature – kayaks, SUP, hiking, bike and recently finds pleasure in winter swimming.

Testing environment exposes us to risk on various levels. It is our individual risk of assuring the quality of system that we recommend based our own judgement. Understanding our approach to risk behavior on neurotransmitters level will be discussed and will open our eyes and explain why tester’s job creates so much chemistry in our brains. Leadership brings us to the next level of the risk management it takes responsibility, empathy, power and the understanding the three of them; The third level is broader interaction in our work environment – its a team. Joanna would like to discuss two approaches of team building the traditional – Tower and the new – Tent; that brings new definition of leadership, cooperation and responsibility. I would like to discuss pros and risks of new model of team’s forming.