Playwright2 – Bild your own BDD copilot with Playwright

September 19, 2024 from 13:00 to 16:00

Speaker: Marcel Veselka, (CZ)

Marcel has dedicated his career to software testing, transitioning from Test Analyst to Test Management roles, focusing on integration and performance testing. He co-founded [pro]Test! and established Tesena in 2013, leading a diverse team across Europe to elevate software quality for clients. Marcel is the founder of, a startup committed to advancing autonomous testing solutions. His expertise spans modern testing approaches, including automation, DevOps, testing in SCRUM, AI, ML, and autonomous testing, cementing his role as a significant contributor to the evolving software testing landscape.

This workshop offers a hands-on exploration into the fusion of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) principles, Playwright automation tools, and AI-augmentation testing, empowering participants to craft their own BDD Copilot.

  • Key Workshop Topics:
    • BDD Fundamentals: Lay the foundation by understanding the principles and advantages of Behavior-Driven Development.
    • Exploring Playwright: Dive into the capabilities of Playwright. The web test automation tool for various platforms and browsers. Note: we won’t cover API testing.
    • AI-Augmented Testing: Harness the power of AI through OpenAI’s REST API, integrating prompts and generating LLM-driven test designs and code snippets.
    • Hands-On Experiments:
      • First Steps with BDD in Playwright: Learn the basics of setting up BDD tests in Playwright for efficient automation.
      • Prompting and OpenAI REST API: Explore the integration of AI-driven prompts into your testing workflow.
      • LLM-Driven Test Design: Craft feature files guided by Large Language Models (LLMs) for comprehensive test coverage.
      • LLM-Driven Code Generation: Generate step files powered by LLMs to automate test script creation.
      • Opportunities for Improvement: Reflect on potential enhancements and optimizations in your testing processes.

    Join us in this workshop to embark on a journey towards enhanced testing efficiency and autonomy, build your own BDD copilot with Playwright & boost your testing efficiency