TALK 1: Automation of Game Testing with SikuliX and AirtestProject/Poco

October 10, 2019 from 9:45 to 10:15

Speaker: Peter Miťko, Pixelfederation (SK)

Peter „Mitec“ Miťko has been within Pixel Federation for about 10 years. He has been working on multiple games as a client developer (3bot), server developer (Trainstation) and finally as a full-stack developer (Galactic Junk League). Two years ago, he decided to join QA department as an test automation engineer.

There are two commonly used approaches of controlling elements in automated tests – image recognition and element selectors. In Pixel Federation, they have used both of them for automated game testing by using SikuliX and AirtestProject/Poco. In his presentation „Automation of Game Testing with SikuliX and AirtestProject/Poco“ Peter will share what he has learned and what he finds are their pros and cons.