TALK 2: The benefits of diversity in teams

October 10, 2019 from 10:15 to 10:45

Speaker: Jana Krajčovičová, ARTIN Solutions (SK)

Jana is currently working as a Test lead in Artin, leading a team of four and growing. Her way to IT was a bit twisting and unforeseeable, but it has turned to be a right choice. After years in marketing and finance and also maternity leave she decided to change the area of operation into IT. After graduating „Women Tester Academy“ (Aj ty v IT powered course) and getting ISTQB foundation level certificate she started new professional life in IT and she has enjoyed it ever since.

Is diversity within IT teams beneficial, or even necessary? Is it good to give chance to candidates that seemingly don’t meet your expected criteria? How is it possible to get from Women Tester Academy to Test lead within 6 months? These and many other questions about her success story will be answered in Jana’s presentation „The benefits of diversity in teams“.