TALK 7: API-driven website testing using Puppeteer

January 10, 2023 from 15:15 to 15:45

Speaker: Viktor Šulák, Touch4IT (SK)

Viktor is an experienced Software Engineer focusing mainly on back-end development and DevOps, always trying to keep up-to-date with modern technologies. Presently he is a Partner and Software engineer in Touch4IT, a company focused on building enterprise-grade web and mobile applications down from UI and UX design up to running high-performance product.

Imagine how you can leverage combination of automatic testing and the most widely used browser on your or your clients‘ website or web application. No more broken links or missing elements. Is it even possible? Answer is in Viktor’s presentation „API-driven website testing using Puppeteer“ about Node.js testing tool that uses API to control Chrome or Chromium browser.