TECH KEYNOTE 2: Testing Without Testers

September 28, 2022 from 15:55 to 16:55

Speaker: Ron Werner, Cazoo (DE)

Prior to working as Principal Quality Engineer at Cazoo, Ron was Lead QA Automation Engineer at Joyn, shaping the way test automation for Mobile and SmartTV apps was done. Earlier on he served as Team Lead Agile & Mobile Testing at a software test consultancy, where he built and helped QA teams in a number of companies, and has given workshops and trainings. Ron has a clear, no-nonsense view of how to test, what to test and – maybe most importantly – what *not* to test. He has been keynoting and speaking at various software testing conferences. Ron successfully built automation frameworks for multiple projects and brings 15 years of working team experience in software quality and delivery for mobile and web products. His passion is mobile testing, automation and AI; but he’s also passionate about spending time with his family, or riding his mountain bike in a thoroughly digitally detoxed state: offline.

Is testing finally dead? Has AI won the battle so testers are no longer required, and have been automated away? Has test been knocked out and reanimated, or artificially kept alive? Or has testing never been more important than today? In his keynote, Ron will take a look at testing history, rewind back to 1979 when G. J. Myers wrote his famous book “The Art of Software Testing”, and we will work all the way through to 2022. Let’s peek past the bloated buzzwords and expectations of the IT and Software Testing industry, and do what testers can do best (when alive): ask questions. Modern testing practice has transformed the way we look at quality, rendering quality a central team responsibility rather than an activity bolted on at the end of an existing process. We will take a look at cutting edge quality engineering practice and try to unravel the current heartbeat of testing.