TECH1: Mobile Test Automation: The Robotic Testing Approach

September 28, 2022 from 10:15 to 10:55

Speaker: Joona Sinisalo, COPADO (FI)

Copado is the #1 DevOps Platform for Salesforce and the Cloud. We harness the power of native CI/CD and Robotic Testing to drive digital transformation for 1,000+ of the most innovative brands on the planet — from Coca-Cola to eBay to Volkswagen. Our low-code platform unites non-technical admins and pro-code developers on the same platform and empowers enterprises to scale end-to-end software delivery across multi-cloud environments. The impact on your business? 20X faster releases, 94% fewer production bugs and 46% more Salesforce ROI. The impact on your team? No more late nights, weekend war rooms or stressful release days.

Creating and running a mobile test automation asset can be a tedious task. It involves installing an environment & automation tools, getting devices & handling maintenance, creating test scripts & configure schedulers, and also thinking about reporting. When combining all these tasks under a single platform and with the robotic testing approach, mobile test automation can be less challenging and more productive. Your guide in the world of robotic mobile testing will be Joona Sinisalo, Senior Product Specialist at Copado. He keeps workshops and training for test automation professionals, while contributing in test automation projects. Prior to Copado he built test automation solutions for mobile device software where his passion for mobile testing originates.