TECH 2: How to keep customers happy about your web application performance?

October 6, 2021 from 11:25 to 12:00

Speaker: Konrad Marszałek, Atlassian Poland(PL)

Konrad has 10-years of experience in software quality assurance divided by 2 cities (Kraków and Gdańsk) and 3 companies. He had the pleasure to work for a successful startup, a middle-sized company with a cloud product, and a large company with a product used by 30k customers. Konrad likes to implement simple solutions that make a difference. His motto is „Make work productive and enjoyable for myself and others, especially by means of automation.“

In his talk „How to keep customers happy about your web application performance?“ Konrad would like to share his experience on how to establish good practices around measuring performance with keeping the focus on customer perception. He will show that along with the development life cycle different roles can contribute to the product efficiency. Great results can be achieved by the cooperation of QA, Developers, UX, DevOps, and more.