TECH3: Converting text to shape

September 28, 2022 from 11:55 to 12:35

Speaker: Mateusz Adamczak, Jeppesen (PL)

With around 7 years of experience in Aviation Software, Mateusz covered most of the available functions – tester, developer, DevOps engineer, and also a scrum master for a little while. This gives him an excellent overview of the software production process that he likes to share. Currently, most of his attention is directed towards the introduction of good software practices and software design to less experienced colleagues. He works at Jeppesen/Boeing office in Gdańsk.

NOTAMs or Notifications to Air Missions are a form of notice that informs about potential hazards connected to the flight operation. There are various types of them depending on the subject of the notice. For example: “Don’t land on this runway because there’s snow on it”. Reality is of course more complex but the general idea is the same. They are distributed in a structured textual format. They are quite cryptic, and you have to know how to read them, but one thing is important. Coordinates. NOTAMs have to be located somewhere. We build a tool for the automatic conversion of textual coordinates to geolocalized data format. In his presentation „Converting text to shape“, Mateusz will describe the process of all stages of software production – design, implementation, testing (obviously), and deployment based on a case study. Also, it will describe a process of applying changes to the software that is in use. All this in a highly regulated aviation software environment.