TECH 3: Discover SEO testing

October 6, 2021 from 13:35 to 14:10

Speaker: Natália Račák Vajdová, (SK)

Natal is a QA Engineer at whose passion is testing in Cypress and discovering new ways of testing. One of them is SEO (search engine optimization) testing in which she is zealous about.

Don’t know what SEO is and wonder how to test it? Are you curious how SEO testing works in a company like Kiwi? In that case, be in the mood as a Google bot and enjoy TECH talk, where Natal will show you different type of testing than you’ve been used to so far. Along with practical examples of tests in Cypress, Discover SEO testing will answer fundamental questions – What does it mean SEO, why do we need it, and how an improper SEO testing can affect your business.