TECH4 – Autopilot your Playwright Testing – 7 examples to optimize your productivity

September 18, 2024 from 14:10 to 14:55

Speaker: Marcel Veselka, (CZ)

Marcel has dedicated his career to software testing, transitioning from Test Analyst to Test Management roles, focusing on integration and performance testing. He co-founded [pro]Test! and established Tesena in 2013, leading a diverse team across Europe to elevate software quality for clients. Marcel is the founder of, a startup committed to advancing autonomous testing solutions. His expertise spans modern testing approaches, including automation, DevOps, testing in SCRUM, AI, ML, and autonomous testing, cementing his role as a significant contributor to the evolving software testing landscape.

Over the past few decades, the software testing community has continually sought ways to enhance testing efficiency, progressing from manual to automated testing and now exploring the realm of autonomous testing. Two years ago, Gartner forecasted a 30% growth in the adoption of autonomous testing approaches the following year. Last year, Forrester’s report echoed this trend, estimating a remarkable 20-30% increase in testing productivity through the use of testing bots. This year (Feb-2024) Gartner forecasts that by 2027, 80% of enterprises will have integrated AI-augmented testing tools into their software engineering toolchain, up from just 15% in 2023. While not all predictions have materialized yet, the essence of these visions is steering the testing landscape in the right direction. What once seemed like marketing fairytales are now transforming into practical and beneficial solutions.
In his talk „Autopilot your Playwright Testing – 7 examples to optimize your productivity“ Marcel will provide you with seven examples to simplify test authoring, improve coverage, and reduce maintenance. For these examples, he’ll be using Playwright, but the concepts can be applied to almost any test automation framework. In this discussion, he will cover both AI-powered and non-AI-powered ideas, as AI is not always necessary to enhance your efficiency.
He will discuss various opportunities and present technical and visual assertions along with autonomous interaction. Although there will be many technical details that test automation engineers will enjoy with examples, Marcel will deliver them in a way that managers and non-technical attendees can also benefit from. While there are many ways to improve testing efficiency outside of coding activities, this talk will mostly focus on topics related to coding.
Fasten your seatbelts and explore 7 compelling examples to set your testing on autopilot and boost your team’s efficiency!