TECH4: Deliver better software faster with an observability tool

September 28, 2022 from 13:35 to 14:15

Speaker: Július Loman, Alanata (SK), Lukáš Lang SLSP (SK)

Alanata is where cutting-edge technology meets experienced IT experts to deliver the best solutions for your business.. Dynatrace software intelligence allows us to provide unique advantage for unbreakable continuous delivery. Being “cloud native” is not just architecture; it means bringing cloud-centric DevOps best practices to software and IT generally. Dynatrace’s automated, full-stack, AI-powered capabilities enable “as a service” features that improve four strategic areas for increased speed, quality and performance, and a move to a more NoOps environment.

Alanata has a team of experts who have implemented Dynatrace solutions and they would like to share one of them in a case study. In their talk, „Deliver better software faster with an observability tool“, they will present how Slovenská Sporiteľňa (Slovak bank house, member of the ERSTE group) improved the quality of delivered application releases and boosted application performance with Dynatrace. United observability solution provides a single common application looking glass for devs, testers, ops, and businesses to accelerate issue resolution in all environments. Presented by Július Loman, Senior consultant at Alanata (whom you may remember from our meet-ups), and Lukáš Lang, Senior Performance Tester at Slovenská Sporiteľňa.