TECH6B: Challenges in cryptocurrency exchanges integration

September 28, 2022 from 15:35 to 15:55

Speaker: Luboš Kovařík, Š (CZ)

Luboš is a Software Engineer who spent the first 8 years of his career in test automation and then moved to software development. During his 3.5 years working for Barclays Investment Bank and testing software for cash equities trading, he discovered Bitcoin and started to look into opportunities in automated cryptocurrency trading. With his passion for crypto, he changed job last year to work for GENERAL BYTES, a Czech manufacturer of cryptocurrency ATMs. This year he founded his own Fintech startup called Š (meaning „Stack sats“) focused on helping people with recurring „DCA“ savings into Bitcoin and automated buying/selling of cryptocurrencies.

In this lightning talk, he’ll share his experience and challenges in integrating different cryptocurrency exchanges, what it takes to build a service like and how you can use exchanges‘ test environments to safely implement your own trading strategies.