INSP2 – Your Toolbox Unleashed: Transforming Testing in the Age of AI

September 18, 2024 from 11:40 to 12:25

Speaker: Daniel Nilsson, QualityMinds (SE)

Daniel is a dedicated Test Engineer, based in Göteborg, Sweden with more than 20 years of experience in the software testing field. He is an appreciated conference speaker on the local, national as well as international scene. Daniel has worked on several large projects on complex embedded systems mainly within the Automotive Domain but lately also within other safety-critical areas such as Airport Surveillance. He has worked as part of as well as leading both co-located and distributed test teams. Daniel is also the co-founder of two local niched test consultant companies, Test Scouts and QualityMinds, has educated global companies within Agile testing methodologies, run workshops, coached global teams and organizations, and mentored multiple testers. Other passions on the side of software testing include spending time with his family, sports, and travel, ideally combining all three.

Systems and software based on artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming a more and more natural part of our society and our daily lives. Still, there seems to be a hurdle for traditional software testers to cross over and to start exploring and testing AI. In his presentation „Your Toolbox Unleashed: Transforming Testing in the Age of AI„, Daniel will lower that hurdle by looking into what the main challenges are in testing an AI-based system compared to a traditional system. He will also dig into the tester´s existing toolbox to see what tools (skills, methods, techniques, etc.) testers can bring with them into data science and machine learning and where we as testers add value. With the black box approach, we do not need a too detailed knowledge of the structure and components of the AI if we are familiar with its characteristics and behavior.
In this session, Daniel will look at real-life experiences spanning from testing mobile apps for object detection to testing large complex systems in Autonomous vehicles. How can the critical thinking skills, the testers‘ superpower, that we all possess be applied to datasets for training and validation, evaluating AI models, testing the different characteristics of the AI-based software, and validating the AI-based system eventually?
Your toolbox is already full of useful tools, let’s use them.