INSP1 – Getting The Most Out of Team Exploratory Testing Sessions

September 18, 2024 from 10:55 to 11:40

Speaker: Julia Duran, ABC Glofox (ES)

Julia has been working in IT for more than 20 years, of which more than 18 have been in Testing, which is her passion! Currently working as a Senior Test Engineer at ABC Glofox, focused on Test Automation and Exploratory Testing. Three years ago she made a career shift away from Testing management duties and back into a technical role at Testing, and she is very happy with the change! Julie is also an international speaker who enjoys meeting new people and having good conversations there. She likes to ask good questions and believes in continuous learning. She loves to experiment to find changes that lead to improvements. Her positive attitude and mindset in all situations allow Julia to help those who work with me achieve their best. When she’s not thinking about everything, she loves to sing (she recently joined a choir!) and read Mafalda comics.

If testers want to be prepared for the future, where they will have to deal with more teamwork and where the pace of delivery will increase, they should be able to involve all team members to help with testing. In addition to test automation being very important, there is also a lot of value in exploratory testing, especially if done with the team.
In her talk, „Getting The Most Out of Team Exploratory Testing Sessions“ Julia will share her experiences with Team Exploratory Testing Sessions. Various roles within the team, such as the Product Manager, Designer, Developers, Testers, and SRE Team are involved, putting themselves in the tester’s shoes. During this journey, they not only identify issues but also propose improvements and future development ideas. Because of the knowledge and expertise all of them share during the collaborative testing session, they’re also learning along the way.
She will discuss how to effectively manage conversation within the multi-job team, ensuring that everyone has a chance to speak and that the results derived from these interactions are valuable. Also, she will provide practical examples of how to schedule, prepare, run, and finalize team exploratory testing sessions along with a template using a dashboard that facilitates remote collaboration and simultaneous work by multiple team members and that the attendees will be able to use in their context.
In conclusion – the ultimate goal of these sessions is to shift the mentality of who owns quality within the team, changing the assumption that the tester is the only person responsible for quality to a shared responsibility for quality across the whole feature cycle. This approach helps internalize testing practices among all attendees and encourages them to adopt this mindset in their day-to-day work. It also fosters a collaborative team environment where everyone works together as a cohesive unit.