Keynote 1 – What to test when AI has consumed everything?

September 18, 2024 from 9:25 to 10:25

Speaker: Sami Söderblom, Qlarify (FI)

Sami is one of Finland’s leading experts in context-driven quality practices and national Tester of the Year 2022. He has twenty years of history from a variety of testing and quality leadership positions in nearly twenty different business domains, and he speaks regularly in domestic and international events. Just recently he co-founded Qlarify, a Futurice Family consultancy that helps Finland’s leading companies level up their quality game.

A fad, a tool among others or something that may change testing as profession drastically? Whatever it may be, it’s hard to ignore the impact AI has on all of us. It has captured everyone’s imagination and senses and it’s on a path to something tremendous, or terrible.

In his presentation „What to test when AI has consumed everything?“ we’ll go through what a tester equipped with AI can do now and in the future. The practical and thought-provoking talk will lay foundation for discussion about the fabric of testing, the potential of AI tools in testing and what will happen to testing as a profession, and to us testers, when AI has consumed everything.